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Steam Pre Alpha 0.2.6

Update 12 (0.2.6)


Update Miolhrians...

Another well needed Update!

Thanks again for all the feedback!

  • Updated some Crafts!

  • Character Design improvements(Ian)(Robbers)

  • Lanterns now require Coal to light!

  • Enlarged Wattage Font!

  • Icon Update for in game choices Added!

  • Updated Character models in Progress!

  • Removed Exp from forage crafting! (WIP)

  • Character Skill added to Menu!(WIP)(Implemented in later build)(This will show your Basic Repair, Device Repair, Training, Healing and Prepare skill levels)

  • Enemies can now use Items in Battle!(WIP)

  • Scroll able text added to NPC and chats in-Game!

  • Updated Home Lantern Models!

  • Fix Non DE-spawning Environmental Items after foraging!

  • (Items like grass and trees De-spawn after being foraged)

  • Craft-mode no longer ends after a period of time!

  • Working on Research notification! (WIP)

  • Research Craft added! (WIP)

  • Fixed Tutorial Book and changes based on new updates!

  • Meter HUD makes a return after minor tweaking!

  • You can now forage safes!

  • Adjusted Menu!

  • Robbers now have a sight range of 2!

  • Bandits now have a sight range of 3!

  • Looters now have a sight range of 4!

  • Counterpart now have a sight range of 1!

  • Base Zombies now have a sight range of 2!

  • You can now Stack Craft and Stack De construct!(Select left or right to add more to Craft or De constructing Item)

  • Ore Storage Chest Added! (40 Storage)

  • Petal Bike Repel distance is now 60 Steps!

  • Superior Bike Repel distance is now 90 Steps!

  • Z Pheromone and Anti Z Spray Plus added to Items loot-able!

  • Updated Anti Zombie Spray! (Repels nearby enemies)

  • Fixed Defense Skill error!

  • 6 New States included in Collection!

  • Chance at Survival Update!! Fixed lag hit at return from CAS!

  • Bike Status Updated! (Minor fixes and tweaks)

  • Other minor fixes and adjustments.

In the Works...

New Animations for battle skills Coming Soon!

New Base Zombie Models!

Update Trader Cards

Updated Background on Steam Page!

Update Trophies

5 New Achievements Coming Soon!

  1. Fully upgrade your bike!

  2. Find trading center!

  3. Defeat all 60 NPC battlers in under a year!

  4. Obtain 1st pet!

  5. Max all 5 Miolhrian skill!

Updated Collection

Updated Collection

Stack Crafting and Deconstucting

Stack Crafting and Deconstucting

You can now craft multiples of any item if you have the material..

Bandit Hideout WIP

Bandit Hideout WIP

Crafts Updated

Crafts Updated

Research Table

Research Table

Updated Menu

Updated Menu

Character Choice added to Menu! Removed Equip from Menu(Equip Available in Status)

Updated Robber and lanterns

Updated Robber and lanterns

Coal required

Coal required

Wall lanterns now require coal to light

Research Table (2)

Research Table (2)

Icon Update

Icon Update

Upgraded Room Icon

Upgraded Room Icon

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