Update Miolhrians...

Another well needed Update!

Thanks again for all the feedback!

  • Updated some Crafts!

  • Character Design improvements(Ian)(Robbers)

  • Lanterns now require Coal to light!

  • Enlarged Wattage Font!

  • Icon Update for in game choices Added!

  • Updated Character models in Progress!

  • Removed Exp from forage crafting! (WIP)

  • Character Skill added to Menu!(WIP)(Implemented in later build)(This will show your Basic Repair, Device Repair, Training, Healing and Prepare skill levels)

  • Enemies can now use Items in Battle!(WIP)

  • Scroll able text added to NPC and chats in-Game!

  • Updated Home Lantern Models!

  • Fix Non DE-spawning Environmental Items after foraging!

  • (Items like grass and trees De-spawn after being foraged)

  • Craft-mode no longer ends after a period of time!

  • Working on Research notification! (WIP)

  • Research Craft added! (WIP)

  • Fixed Tutorial Book and changes based on new updates!

  • Meter HUD makes a return after minor tweaking!

  • You can now forage safes!

  • Adjusted Menu!

  • Robbers now have a sight range of 2!

  • Bandits now have a sight range of 3!

  • Looters now have a sight range of 4!

  • Counterpart now have a sight range of 1!

  • Base Zombies now have a sight range of 2!

  • You can now Stack Craft and Stack De construct!(Select left or right to add more to Craft or De constructing Item)

  • Ore Storage Chest Added! (40 Storage)

  • Petal Bike Repel distance is now 60 Steps!

  • Superior Bike Repel distance is now 90 Steps!

  • Z Pheromone and Anti Z Spray Plus added to Items loot-able!

  • Updated Anti Zombie Spray! (Repels nearby enemies)

  • Fixed Defense Skill error!

  • 6 New States included in Collection!

  • Chance at Survival Update!! Fixed lag hit at return from CAS!

  • Bike Status Updated! (Minor fixes and tweaks)

  • Other minor fixes and adjustments.

In the Works...

New Animations for battle skills Coming Soon!

New Base Zombie Models!

Update Trader Cards

Updated Background on Steam Page!

Update Trophies

5 New Achievements Coming Soon!

  1. Fully upgrade your bike!

  2. Find trading center!

  3. Defeat all 60 NPC battlers in under a year!

  4. Obtain 1st pet!

  5. Max all 5 Miolhrian skill!

Last Updated 06/10/20

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