• TBH

  • (Added) Updated NPC Models! (Finished version)​(Delayed Update 14)

  • (Added) Rarity Meter Added to Menu!

  • (Update) Updated and Improved Bag Interface!

  • (Update) Dark Matter Portal Device is Now Operational!

  • (Update) Window fixes for devices and more NPC's!(3/3)

  • (Update) Updated Home Interface!(3/3)

  • (Update) Multi-Tool Now use-able to remove Wellheads and Destroy Craft-able Homes!

  • (Update) (Crappy Quality) Multi-Tool is now Craft-able!

  • (Update) Updated Communication Device!

  • (Update) Bosses no longer absorb Same or Immune Type Damage!

  • (Fix) Maria Safe house Door Fix!

  • (Fix) Communication Device delay error Fix!

  • (Fix) Fix Overlay Sun appearing at night for Swamp Biome!

  • (Fix) Multiple Environmental Fixes!

    • more to come...

Last Updated 06/10/20

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