Patching things up Miolhrians...

Thanks again for all the feedback!


  •  Locked Doors and Crates can now be opened in Craft Mode!

  • HUD Adjustments!

  • Door foraging now have different levels and times to breakdown!

  • Transition Updated for battles! (WIP)

  • Rebalanced Status Effects!

Updated Desert Environment including New Home Added!

  • Skill Screen Updated!

  • Cactus Fruit can now bring out special Abilities of Different Classes!

  • Sprain Leg will now effect Speed in Battle!

  • Quick Equip Menu removed due to lag issues!

  • Generators now allow you to access Batteries and more to Fuel Wattage in Miolhria!

  • Craft-Mode turns off automatically after a few minutes!

  • Medical Vending Machines Added!

  • Team members now sleep at random! (WIP) 

  • Surprise Attack upon waking up if Security Device off! WIP

    • If Security Device off(No Power) Enemies can now get in and even call a surprise Battle!​

  • Upper Hand Chance added to battles! (Give both you and your enemy a chance to get an attack off when battle starts)WIP

Small fixes and Updates!

And much more....  

If Time Allows...

New Animations for battle skills coming soon

Last Updated 06/10/20

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