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Steam Pre Alpha 0.2.1

Update 12 (0.2.1)



Patching things up Miolhrians...

Thanks again for all the feedback!


  • Locked Doors and Crates can now be opened in Craft Mode!

  • HUD Adjustments!

  • Door foraging now have different levels and times to breakdown!

  • Transition Updated for battles! (WIP)

  • Rebalanced Status Effects!

Updated Desert Environment including New Home Added!

  • Skill Screen Updated!

  • Cactus Fruit can now bring out special Abilities of Different Classes!

  • Sprain Leg will now effect Speed in Battle!

  • Quick Equip Menu removed due to lag issues!

  • Generators now allow you to access Batteries and more to Fuel Wattage in Miolhria!

  • Craft-Mode turns off automatically after a few minutes!

  • Medical Vending Machines Added!

  • Team members now sleep at random! (WIP) 

  • Surprise Attack upon waking up if Security Device off! WIP

    • If Security Device off(No Power) Enemies can now get in and even call a surprise Battle!​

  • Upper Hand Chance added to battles! (Give both you and your enemy a chance to get an attack off when battle starts)WIP

Small fixes and Updates!

And much more....

If Time Allows...

New Animations for battle skills coming soon

New Homes

New Homes


Battle Weather

Battle Weather

Battle Weather now carries on from in and out of battle.



Security Device being down can allow visitors in..

Updated Generators

Updated Generators

Now you can Fuel the Wattage in Miolhria with just the Item in your Bag

Coal Added

Coal Added

Coal Added to Desert Biomes

Craft Mode

Craft Mode

Lootable Crates and Destroyable doors in Craft Mode

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