Patch me up..Miolhrians!

An Update without notes?

Thanks again for all the feedback!


  • (Update)Updated Miolhr and Miolhra!(Boy and Girl Models)

  • (Added)Updated New Enemy Type Horde!

  • (Update)Environmental Update Part 3!(Part 4 Coming Soon)

    • Updated Sand!

    • Updated Cliff Edges!

    • Updated Pyrite sand!(Desert Biome)

    • Updated Fireplace Tile!

    • Updated Desert Tiles!

    • Updated Dried Grass Tiles!

    • Updated Flooring tiles for many homes!

  • and small changes to others..


  • (Update)Updated Crafts!

  • (Update)Added in Horde Spawner!

  • (Update)Blueprints now require lead paint to craft.

  • (Update)Anti Z Spray+ Zpheromone Spray makes Despawn Spray!

    • (Despawn Spray can be use to despawn most Z's when entering Death at Survival)

  • (Update)New Item Acquired Animation Updated!


  • (Added)Leather Bellow added to Crafts!

  • (Leather Bellow required for Deconstructors)


  • Classic Style Battle is now set for Normal and Survival-Mode!


  • (WIP)Hardkore-Mode Fast-paced combat battle in-the-works!


  • (Added)Comic Books and Tele can be used to build confidence!

  • (Comics can be used in battle!)


  • (Fix)Autosave only from sleeping spots!

  • (Update)Updated Tele Audio!

  • (Update) Updated Rooftop POI!

  • (Added)Update Boss Spawn spots!

    • (Bosses now spawn spawn on broken dirt tiles)​

  • (Update)Updated Sync Chest in Safehouses!(WIP)

  • (Update)Updated Home Garage Model!

  • (Added)New Shutter Doors and Door Audio for homes!

  • (Added)New Garage Location added to desert biome!

  • (Update)Updated Drinking container Image!(Icon coming soon)

  • (Update)Normal and Survival Mode Updated!

  • (Update) Healing Devices can now be found in Bathrooms and Kitchens!

  • and other fixes...
  • WIP..

  • (Coming Soon)Placeable items in safe houses!

  • (Coming Soon) Claimable Homes!

Last Updated 06/10/20

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