Just some patches for your jacket Miolhrians!


A few fixes and tweaks to get ourselves ready for Update 13!

Thanks again for all the feedback!


  • Restart Required otherwise may run into bugs! :(

  • Multiple Crafts Updated!

  • Updated Equip Screen!

  • [*]Updated Menu!

  • Removed Team!

  • Added Scrap Menu!(Coming Soon)

  • Your collection can now be turned on and off from settings!

  • Updated most Battle attack animations!

  • Realign Choice Menu!

  • Fixed Skill Forget Menu!

  • Environmental Fixes

    • Library Steps, Railings and Boxes.

  • New Storage!

    • Glass Storage (+22 Storage space)

    • Glass Pet Storage (40+ Storage space)

  • Cast now decrease bag weight by -5!

  • Sprain(leg) now decrease bag weight by -10!

  • Hyper now increase bag weight by +25!

  • High Stamina now increase bag weight by +10!

  • Plaque now decrease bag weight by -10!

  • Updated base bike model!

  • 3rd bike type added! (Flash Petal Bike)

    • When on this bike your Anti Z ranges 100 steps rather than 60!(Basic Petal bike) 
      • Flash bike durability 25 rather than Basic Petal bike 20!
  • Updated Icon Achievements!

  • Miolhrian Wolves added!

  • Updated Air Drop Notification!

  • Throwing Stones in battle can now distract enemies and has a 75% chance for you to escape!

  • Escape Skill and Book added!

  • Brought in Dark Matter Portal Device!

    • (Device used to transfer between found Safehouse)

  • Tree Stomps added to environment!(Source of Treebark)

  • Environmental Updates and Fixes!

  • Drop all items upon being knocked has been removed! (May be added back in later for Survival Mode Only)

Last Updated 06/10/20

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