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Update 12 (0.2.8)


Steam Pre Alpha 0.2.8


Just some patches for your jacket Miolhrians!


A few fixes and tweaks to get ourselves ready for Update 13!

Thanks again for all the feedback!


  • Restart Required otherwise may run into bugs! :(

  • Multiple Crafts Updated!

  • Updated Equip Screen!

  • [*]Updated Menu!

  • Removed Team!

  • Added Scrap Menu!(Coming Soon)

  • Your collection can now be turned on and off from settings!

  • Updated most Battle attack animations!

  • Realign Choice Menu!

  • Fixed Skill Forget Menu!

  • Environmental Fixes

    • Library Steps, Railings and Boxes.

  • New Storage!

    • Glass Storage (+22 Storage space)

    • Glass Pet Storage (40+ Storage space)

  • Cast now decrease bag weight by -5!

  • Sprain(leg) now decrease bag weight by -10!

  • Hyper now increase bag weight by +25!

  • High Stamina now increase bag weight by +10!

  • Plaque now decrease bag weight by -10!

  • Updated base bike model!

  • 3rd bike type added! (Flash Petal Bike)

    • When on this bike your Anti Z ranges 100 steps rather than 60!(Basic Petal bike) 
      • Flash bike durability 25 rather than Basic Petal bike 20!
  • Updated Icon Achievements!

  • Miolhrian Wolves added!

  • Updated Air Drop Notification!

  • Throwing Stones in battle can now distract enemies and has a 75% chance for you to escape!

  • Escape Skill and Book added!

  • Brought in Dark Matter Portal Device!

    • (Device used to transfer between found Safehouse)

  • Tree Stomps added to environment!(Source of Treebark)

  • Environmental Updates and Fixes!

  • Drop all items upon being knocked has been removed! (May be added back in later for Survival Mode Only)

Boost Deboost Stats

Boost Deboost Stats

In battle you now will see different collect states. Blue +Boost Red -Debuff

Updated Equip menu

Updated Equip menu

Update Menu as well as Grades

Updated Menu

Updated Menu

Collection can now be enabled from System Option. Scrap Coming Soon..

Bike Info

Bike Info

Coming soon.. Check bike parts(swappable)

Updated Device

Updated Device

Communication device Updated and added to all Safehouses

Environment Update

Environment Update

Stomps Added! Path ways Updated!

Environmental Update

Environmental Update


Environmental Update

Environmental Update

Untraveled-able path Updated

Miolhria Map

Miolhria Map

WIP Items of Interest Water, Wood, Cactus and more to come

Flash Petal Bike

Flash Petal Bike

Flash Petal Bike now available!

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