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Update 12 (0.2.7)

Steam Pre Alpha 0.2.7



Just a minor patch Miolhrians!


A well needed fixing to some Issue!

Thanks again for all the feedback!


  • Multiple Crafts Updated!

  • Farm house blackout fix!

  • Bikes now increase bag weight by +50!

  • Hyper now increase bag weight by +25!

  • High Stamina now increase bag weight by +10!

  • Plaque now decrease bag weight by -10

  • New starting Craft-able Wooden Clubs!

  • Updated Icon Achievements!

  • Model Updated! (Robber, Roland)

  • Brought in Dark Matter Portal Device!

  • (Device used to transfer between found Safe houses)(WIP)

  • New Basic Crafts

  1. New Wooden Clubs(2)

  2. New Stone Club

  3. New Copper Club

  4. New Iron Club

  5. New Steel Club

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