• Miolhrian Plaque


Plaque illness is the worst of any other illness. Unlike other illness it continues to come back if it is not treated properly. This can be an issue as it will effect you in and outside of battle.

Catch Plaque?

Miolhrian Plaque happens each Sunday in game time!

This illness does not go away by being K-O'd or Healing!

Avoid Plaque

  • Stay inside on Sundays(In Game Time!

  • Keep anti Infected Pills on hand!


  • Sleep in Safehouse or Hand made bed!

    • This will take 3 Days to Cure​

  • Take Anti Infected Pills to avoid Plaque!

    • (Coming Soon)​

Plaque Effect?

  • 0% Experience Gain in Battle.

  • Reduces Bag Weight by -10.

  • Stamina Drained.(??%)

  • Pre-Heated. (10%)

  • Chance of Becoming radiated. (10%)


Plaque Other Effects (Environmental)

  • Plaque Night will destroy Crops on Maps you visit!

    • This excludes...​

    • Trees..

    • Bushes..

    • Mushrooms..

    • Sand, Dirt, clay, ores

    • and Grass..

  • Infected rats and Bee tend to come out more on these nights for battle!