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Dark Matter


  • Charlie's Safe house

  • Maria's Safe house

  • Gould Isle Safe house

  • ???? Safe house {Coming Soon]

  • ???? Safe house (Coming Soon)

  • ???? Safe house (Coming Soon)

  • ???? safe house (Coming Soon)

  • ???? safe house (Coming Soon)

Portal Device


DMPD Dark Matter Portal Device is a device made of metals and Dark matter that runs off of Watts.


  • Cost of use

Unlike most devices in Miolhria Watts is required to use this device. Keep in mind when using this device it drains your Food, Water and rest meters as it take time to get from one location to another.

Travel locations

All SH will include a place to place a craftable DMPD. You can travel from one safehouse to another if you have a device with these devices.


        Travel radar

Travel radar is the distance you can travel while using a dmpd. The radar for all locations is 1 safehouse away. You can travel from Maria's SH > Charlie's Sh > Gould Isle SH. You cannot travel from Maria's SH > Gould Isle SH due to the travel radar is to far away.



Note: SH= Safe house

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