Chances are..

  • Environmental Chance

  • Death at Survival

  • 2nd Chance

  • Chance at Survival

  • Chance of exploration

  • Wellness, Airdrops and NPC effects


  • Environmental Chance

All times during a day the weather changes. Each of this have its own effect on the game.





  • Death at Survival (DAS)

Second Chance and Death at Survival go hand in hand you may say. If you are K.O'd you are sent to Death at Survival. This area is where you can revive team members as well as escape for life. Everytime you are sent here you delevel and lose Life. if you make it to a campfire you will be sent back to you last spawn point. (You may even find your counter part in this place). If you don't you are sent to chance at survival. You can delevel here and respawn here while here.


  • 2nd Chance {2c)

Second chance is where you are sent if you are k.o'd in death at survival. No Zombies are here which gives you a chance to recover. You can find a campfire to recover to your last spawn point.


  • Chance at survival(CAS)

Chance at survival is a stat just like your attack and Defense. this stat increases your chances of your team members finding items during chance at exploration, increases your chances of not breaking your leg which climb off of ladders and more.


  • Chance of Exploration (COE)

When you recuit members to your team you can send them to explore for you. They will run into enemies and have there own chances while exploring. Your chance at survival stat will increase their chances of them finding good stuff. They may also not make it back..


Wellness, Airdrops and NPC effects


each time you sleep one of these 3 chances happen. exploring may have a chance of poping up one of these effects as well.


  • Airdrops

Airdrops are at random. Air drop can be in any biome and can drop any number of items.


  • Wellness

Wellness can effect you becoming sick or a illness, loot locations respawning or zombies breaking in.


  • NPC effects

Npc effect are but not limited to NPC wanting something, Looters or Traders being in the area, and more..




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