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Update 10.9 patch ii


Steam Pre Alpha 0.0.8

  • Stamina for all Skills!

  • Update Icons and Storage!

  • Stamina based effect for all liquids!

  • Reduce Lag in DeserT Biome!

  • More Items and Parts for crafts!

  • Adjusted Crafts and Weapons!

  • New locations for Desert Biome!

  • Bag Drop on K.O!

  • Adjust Bikes!

  • Class Perks Added! (Farmer class resist Bleeding)

  • Placeable Generators for power!

  • No longer skip Death @ Survival on multi-K.O.'s!

  • Adjusted Lanterns! (Can be manually turned on and off)

  • New Animals!

  • Adjusted States and Illnesess!

  • More fixes!

  • Resize intro and Game Screen! (2/7)

  • Redesign crops! (2/7)

  • Adjustable Screen! (F5) (2/7)

  • Increase menu Speed! (2/7)

  • Bike skills included with basic and Special! (2/7)

  • more to come!!

Skill Update
Stamina for Skills

Stamina for Skills

Drop on K.O

Drop on K.O

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