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Update 10.6

Steam Pre Alpha 0.0.1

  • *Dual Classes which allows you to use multiple Classes!
    *Windy and Heated Stat Added!
    *Wind Elemental Added!
    (This effect Trees, Animals spawning)
    *Back up to 60Fps
    *Environment Items (Lockers, Boxes, etc) 
    *Heated State happens only in Desert Biome and can reduce Stats)
    *Head wear now can Disable Heated Stat!
    *Balance Trader and Randomize Goods!


  • *Rain and Stormy Weather will replenish Well for Water!
    *Advanced Mining!
    *Repair and Upgrade Without removing from Equip Menu!

  • *Team Wellness Added!

  • *Multi-Tool use for Destroying Homes, Material and Trees!
    (Allows you to Mine in Craft mode or more Material)

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